Due to protecting our client’s privacy, all names and photos are not shown in success stories.

“Diana Lamenzo was phenomenal when she came into our Emerson-Williams Elementary School PTO meeting in Wethersfield on June 7th. She came in prepared and ready to speak on how to take the stress out of the home which was an amazing topic with summer around the corner. She provided a bunch of different, low-cost strategies to help reduce stress at home with routines and daily summer life. I personally am using two fo the techniques already and my children love it! I’ve also ordered one of her recommended books for family activities. If anyone has any upcoming meeting or programs that need a presenter, I highly recommend Diana and Tutoring You to Excellence and her services!”

Wethersfield Parent

“Our tutor, Faith, is amazing and puts so much work into the sessions with our daughter. You can tell she loves what she does!!”

Mother of Two

“Diana is a fantastic teacher/tutor! She is well-versed in Common Core and educational requirements and has knowledge on and is able to execute best practice with her students. She is skilled at working with children and develops great connections with them. She has a positive attitude and makes learning fun. I highly recommend her.”

West Hartford Parent

“Thank you, Diana, for taking the stress out of our home. Homework and studying was a constant tension in our home. Thanks to Tutoring You to Excellence, we can enjoy calm family evenings again. My two teenagers are excited about their tutoring sessions every week. Not only have their grades improved, their self-confidence has as well. I highly recommend your tutoring services.”

Glastonbury Parent

“Kids should go to Ms. Diana because she is the most thoughtful tutor in the world. She is nice, kind, helpful, and you could tell her everything. She’s more than a tutor, she is family!”

Third Grade Student

“Diana has a strong content knowledge of our curriculum and has been a consistent resource for my student, as evidence by the quality of homework and projects completed with her.  Furthermore, she supports my teaching by reinforcing the concepts we are working on in class. Furthermore, she has fostered an obvious rapport with this student.”

Fourth Grade Teacher

“Ms. Lamenzo is a great tutor! She is very caring and has a lot of patience with kids. Ms. Lamenzo is creative and helps kids to learn in a fun way. She has been my grandsons tutor for 3 years. Not only is she our tutor, she is family!”

Proud Grandmother

“Hey Diana, I just wanted to reach out and say thanks for tutoring my girls and encouraging them and myself with your gifted talent. I was amazed to hear my daughter actually say to someone else she needed help with multiplication and division. My other daughter was amazed telling me, ” Mom, I can tell time now on a clock.” ”

Proud Parent

“I struggled in math and reading and have received extra help at school but my parents felt that I needed more support, so, my parents got me a tutor. Mrs. Lamenzo my tutor, has been working with me and providing me with guidance and the tools to make me more successful in middle school. I continue working with Mrs. Lamenzo so I can continue feeling confident at school. I thank her for everything that she has done for me.”

Thankful Student

“Meeting Mrs. Lamenzo was the best thing for my son.  Their connection was immediate.  My son struggled in all academic areas and his confidence level was lacking. Working with Mrs. Lamenzo changed all that. From 3rd grade through 6th grade, Daniel showed growth in his reading comprehension, math, and writing.  My son’s teachers noticed improvement right away.  Now in Middle School, he’s more confident in all academic areas.  The one-on-one tutoring was the best decision I’ve made for my son. Diana was professional and understood my son’s needs and that was important to me.”

Grateful Mother